[Featured Resource] Improving Accountability in Agricultural Investments - Reflections from Legal Empowerment Initiatives in West Africa

This week’s profiled resource is titled “Improving Accountability in Agricultural Investments: Reflections from Legal Empowerment Initiatives in West Africa” and comes to us from the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED). This report presents the results of three different legal empowerment initiatives that took place in Senegal, Cameroon, and Ghana. In these countries, the initiative developed diverse approaches, responding to different local contexts and theories of change. Each approach embodied a distinctive combination of grassroots action, public advocacy, and private sector engagement – through supporting junior lawyers in Cameroon, grassroots committees in Ghana and locally negotiated “land charters” in Senegal. In the final year of project implementation, the project teams met at a writeshop to distill lessons learned and write them up for wider dissemination. The report summarizes insights from first-hand experiences of helping rural people exercise their rights and, ultimately, claim their own future.

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A recent surge in agribusiness plantation deals has increased pressures on land in many low- and middle-income countries. Rural people have mobilized to protect their rights, seek better terms or oppose the deals altogether. Since 2014, a set of initiatives in Cameroon, Ghana and Senegal has worked to help people harness the law in order to have greater control over decisions that affect them – a process commonly referred to as legal empowerment.

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Bonjour et merci pour ce rapport qui retrace les différentes initiatives en Afrique centrale et de l’ouest. J’ai participé à l’initiative jeune juriste au Cameroun et je suis très content que cette expérience soit partagée ici et qu’elle puisse inspirer les acteurs d’autres pays qui sont confrontés à la problématique du respect des droits des communautés locales et autochtones.