[Featured Resource] Leveraging the SDGs for Inclusive Growth - Delivering Access to Justice for All

For the next ten weeks, the Featured Resource will align with the themes of our 10 Weeks of Action. This first one is focused on making the economic case for legal empowerment and justice for all from the OECD.

Access to justice is integral to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and inclusive growth. An estimated four billion people around the world live outside the protection of the law, mostly because they are poor or marginalized within their societies. They can be easily cheated by employers, driven from their land, preyed upon by the powerful and intimidated by violence. The lack of legal accountability allows local corruption to undermine economies, diverting resources from where they are needed the most.

Legal empowerment—the ability of people to understand and use the law for themselves—enables even those who are most marginalized to achieve justice, meet their basic needs, hold authorities to account, protect their interests and participate in economic activities in an inclusive manner. This report outlines the importance of access to justice and types of legal empowerment interventions used to increase access to justice in a range of geographies.

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Bonjour Michael O.

Une très bonne ressource ! Est ce que la version française existe ?

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Hi @KONATEZan - agreed that this is a great resource and excellent that the OECD report mentions community justice centers, paralegals, and legal empowerment among some of the best pathways to increasing access to justice. I looked briefly at the OECD site and did not see any French version, although that does not mean that they do not have one since they normally have versions in different languages. If you do find one or have another useful resource in French to add to our library, please submit it via our online upload form. Thanks!

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Merci beaucoup et je suis très content

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