[Featured Resource] Prison Legal Aid Clinics in West Bengal

This week’s resource is titled “Prison Legal Aid Clinics in West Bengal: Bringing Justice Closer?” and comes to us from the Commonwealth Human Rights Institute. The report compares six different legal aid clinic models in West Bengal. Based of the advantages and disadvantages of the different models, the report goes on to provide detailed recommendations to bring uniformity and to ensure efficacy.

More about Prison Legal Aid Clinics in West Bengal: Bringing Justice Closer?:

In India, the National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) and the State Legal Services Authorities (SLSA) have, since inception in 1987, framed numerous schemes for effective legal aid delivery to various sections of the community. This report highlights the lack of uniformity in the functioning of legal aid clinics across correctional homes in West Bengal and urges for issuance of guidelines and procedures to streamline their operations. This report is restricted to two schemes in particular and the appointment of paralegal volunteers to visit prisons and setup of legal aid clinics in prisons.

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CHRI does amazing and innovate work improving the criminal justice system in India. My favorite of their initiatives is the Virtual Police Station. It’s an impressive use of technology, kind of like a video game that helps you learn how to navigate police protocol. It’s useful both as a training tool for the police and a source of information for the public. I encourage everyone to check it out and explore!

You can listen to NGC Member @majadaruwala describe the usefulness of the Virtual Police Station in this video.

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Criminal justice system in Pakistan is confronted with serious crises of abnormal delays.I find the idea of legal aid clinics in Prison very useful and it can be replicated in our country for improved access to justice.

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