[Featured Resource] ROADMAP - Strengthening the Paralegal Profession within the National System of State Guaranteed Primary Legal Aid

This week’s profiled resource comes from @ncamburian of the Justice & Human Rights Program of the Soros Foundation-Moldova. On Friday, May 9th, the Soros Foundation-Moldova had a public launch event to present the results of this study with over 80 participants, including paralegals, donor representatives, and leadership from the Ministry of Justice and the National Legal Aid Center. The press release can be found here.

The study is a valuable analysis of legal empowerment needs and justice gaps in Moldova. The resource:

highlights systemic problems and gaps in the legislation related to the activity of paralegals. The national consultants who developed this Roadmap analyzed the extent to which the current system meets the legal empowerment needs of the population, especially of the most vulnerable social groups. The study identifies major areas of intervention to improve the system of providing primary legal aid services through the network of paralegals, and establishes concrete steps for strengthening the status of paralegals.

You can ask questions about the resource from the authors below and access the resource in our library at the following link:

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