[Featured Resource] SMS for Justice

This week’s profiled resource is titled "SMS for Justice: Women Demand Access to Vital Services in Delhi " and it comes to us from Nazdeek and the International Center for Advocates Against Discrimination. This report outlines SMS for Justice, an unique project that enables women living in Delhi’s slums to become leaders in their communities by identifying, monitoring, and reporting rights violations through the use of cell phones.

More about SMS for Justice: Women Demand Access to Vital Services in Delhi:

To address gaps in the delivery of basic services related to women’s health, adequate housing, food and nutrition, and water and sanitation across slums in Delhi, Nazdeek and ICAAD have developed and implemented “SMS for Justice,” a project that combines legal education and community-reporting through technology.

To ensure access to these key health determinants, the SMS for Justice Project enables women from marginalized communities living in urban slums and resettlement colonies in Delhi to monitor and report instances of violations of the rights to maternal healthcare, food and nutrition, housing, and water and sanitation. It also equips them to take action in the form of filing administrative complaints, continuously monitoring the status of delivery of essential services, and starting a positive dialogue with government officials to bring about change and expand access to rights.

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