[Featured Resource] Technology for Legal Empowerment: A Global Review

This week’s featured resource is “Technology for Legal Empowerment: A Global Review" from The Engine Room. This resource was shared with us by @paola and @tomwalker. You can also view a summarized web version of the report, as well as the announcement blog post on their website for an overview of the outputs.

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Legal empowerment is concerned with strengthening the capacity of all people to exercise their rights. It’s about grassroots justice — ensuring that law is not confined to books or courtrooms, but is available and meaningful to ordinary people.

More about Technology for Legal Empowerment: A Global Review

This report describes one way in which legal empowerment actors are attempting to do this: using technology to give people information about the law, connect them with legal advice, and provide them with legal services. Based on a scan of 136 initiatives worldwide and interviews with more than 50 people, the report analyses how technology is being used for legal empowerment work in jurisdictions with widely varying justice systems, legal aid provision, connectivity and access to technology. While recognizing the important recent work by governments to increase the efficiency and accessibility of the formal justice system, the report foregrounds the activities of non-profit organisations, companies and social enterprises that operate separately from — or seek to augment — state-provided legal services.

The report examines a broad range of types of technology targeted at ordinary citizens, from SMS-based information systems to sites that allow people to assemble legal documents, resolve disputes and find legal information tailored to their situation. Throughout, it focuses on what technology does — and does not — add to existing ways of building the trusted relationships that are essential to legal empowerment.

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