[Featured Resource] Technology in Case Management for Legal Empowerment Work

This week’s profiled resource is titled “Technology in Case Management for Legal Empowerment Work” and comes to us from the Engine Room. This report reviews how organisations in Indonesia, Moldova, Mongolia, Sierra Leone and South Africa are using technology and data to further their work on legal empowerment. To do so, it assesses how organisations in Open Society Foundations’ Shared Framework collect, manage and analyse data on community-based justice provision in those five countries, as well as the role technology plays in supporting these activities.

More about Technology in Case Management for Legal Empowerment Work:

Researchers conducted 22 interviews with people working on legal empowerment initiatives from Indonesia, Mongolia, Moldova, Sierra Leone, and South Africa. The five countries were selected in collaboration with members of Open Society Foundations’ Shared Framework team, with the intention of covering a range of environments with varying connectivity, access to technology and prior experience with technology-based solutions. The report aims to draw out trends and effective practices that can inform efforts by Shared Framework participants to make legal empowerment activities more sustainable and effective.

You can access this resource in our library at the following link:

The Global Legal Empowerment Network will also be hosting a webinar with The Engine Room on June 20th, 2018.


Join this webinar to learn about how technology is being used to support legal empowerment, and key questions to ask when deciding how to use it in your own work .

  • What should you think about when starting a project?
  • How can you check whether people really want what you’re creating?
  • What can help make tech projects more sustainable?

More information about the webinar can be found here.

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Thanks so much for sharing this report!

I would be very interested to know if there is an ongoing list of case management systems that orgs in this network are using. It would be great to know what people recommend, and what they find hard-to-use.

Thanks! Kristin

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Dear Kristin,

Thank you very much for your question, I have the same one now. Have you been able to access a list of the case management systems currently used by orgs? I would also like to know how we can have access to the management case system set up by OSF and whether if this is possible to receive assistance from them or another organisation to set it up in our own legal aid program? Thanks in advance for sharing. Laura, Terre des hommes Lausanne