[Featured Resource] The Scramble for Land Rights - Reducing Inequity between Communities and Companies

This is the 4th week of our 10 Weeks of Action and we are focused on Community Land Rights, so this week’s profiled resource is a new resource from World Resources Institute called: The Scramble for Land Rights: Reducing Inequity between Communities and Companies.

This important research report was completed through desk and field research across the Global South and includes sections on data collection methods, key data findings, analysis, and recommendations.

More about the The Scramble for Land Rights: Reducing Inequity between Communities and Companies:

Indigenous and community lands, crucial for rural livelihoods, are typically held under informal customary arrangements. This can leave the land vulnerable to outside commercial interests, so communities may seek to formalize their land rights in a government registry and obtain an official land document. But this process is time-consuming and complex, and in contrast, companies can acquire land relatively quickly and find shortcuts around regulatory burdens. This report maps these inequities between communities and companies, and offers recommendations on how to level the playing field.

You can access this resource in our library at the following link:

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Very good topic. I must say. What’s your take on South Africa’s EFF party re: communal land rights and expropriation without compensation?

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Thanks @ajioye. As I am not intimately familiar with the EFF party’s specific land policies in South Africa, I do not really have a personal take on them (although my past of working on evictions led me to the notion that expropriation without compensation is rarely done in a fair and just manner). However @KhanyisileNtsenge @shadracklawrence, @simbongilekamtshe, or other network members in South Africa may have some input.

I agree with you that it is rarely done with fairness. See this story: