[Featured Resource] The Social Framework for Projects - assessing, planning, and managing the social impacts of projects

Our first Featured Resource was uploaded recently by @eddiesmyth at Intersocial in Ireland (and includes a request for Ugandan members working in land below). It is a new Social Framework for Projects centered on People’s Wellbeing and has been developed by Intersocial & Prof. Frank Vanclay. The paper, The Social Framework for Projects: a conceptual but practical model to assist in assessing, planning and managing the social impacts of projects, is available as a free download in our resource library at the following link:

Intersocial is also preparing the Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Rehabilitation Policy (LARRP) for the Government of Uganda. They will be consulting with local NGOs and are interested in hearing from civil society in Uganda. Perhaps some of our members in Uganda would be interested in the LARRP? (@Laura @davidarach @marenabrinkhurst @DavidOkello @PaolyelMPOnencan @egaruemma @mutesim @Mukasa @SophieRacine @soamiz @oemmah2 @susanakot @RobertOjok @BarbrahBisikwa @FaithMutumba @Emmanuel @SusanMildred @Harrietlisa @teresaeilu @Aling @rachaelknight @jaronvogelsang )

They would be interested in the views of the network on both these developments.

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