[Featured Resource] Vision, Values, and Voice: A Communications Toolkit

This week’s featured resource is Vision, Values, and Voice: A Communications Toolkit.

The focus of this toolkit is two-fold: to outline framing principles and strategies that support the long-term movement of hearts and minds, and apply them toward shorter-term victories. The guidance included here is rooted in a large body of opinion and media research; in established communications techniques; and in the shared experience of hundreds of advocates, policymakers, and communications strategists from around the United States.

In addition to big-picture thinking about communications strategy, you will also find tips and examples of a range of tactics, and concrete messaging guidance. The latter is in the form of detachable “Opportunity Flashcards,” the first set of an ongoing series of cards that provide short and easy-to-find advice and sample language on a range of social justice issues. Each card provides a link to more in-depth information on our website.

You can access this resource in our library at the following link:

More about Vision, Values, and Voice: A Communications Toolkit

The toolkit focuses on identifying universal themes and values that tie together a range of issues. When our shorter-term campaigns and other communications efforts begin to add up to a larger, more cohesive story about values and a positive vision, we will each begin to see individual victories add up to transformative societal change.

As always, please let us know your thoughts on this resource or if you have any questions for the authors by commenting below.

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Thanks so much for very useful materials. The true vision is the road to victory, I cant want to read it. Also, this will help me as reference


Thank you for this resource


Merci pour cette boite à outils retraçant l’identification de thèmes et de valeurs universels liés à l’autonomisation juridique (Accès à la justice).

Un grand merci !!!

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Je reviens pour demander la mise à disposition de cet outils de travail (vision, valeurs et la voix), son téléchargement est un peu difficile !

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