Financing grassroots efforts (case of Kahama Paralegal Aid Organization serving children, other marginalized groups)

Kahama Paralegal Aid Organization(KAPAO) takes every possible measure to prevent abuse, especially sexual abuse, and ensure that none of its staff or participants engages in behavior that could allow sexual abuse to occur behavior that could be misinterpreted by children, their families or other adults as constituting or leading,sexual abuse.

Many children in communities feel shame to speak their feeling especial for those who work in small mining, near bus station, street and those who did not afford school requirement as kahama we still provided education to those children.

We need support from fellow network members to help us the resources by postal address, and other ideas to help them.


Hi Andrew! That’s a great photograph - very compelling. Thank you for sharing, and thank you for sharing your stories from Kahama and about the work you do to help children and vulnerable groups.

Namati does not have the resources and wherewithal to ship printed materials to members through the postal service. We don’t even print our own publications for wide print distribution. Perhaps this is a job that members could get together to organize on the local or national level for key resources like this one:

We have very engaged members in #tanzania and it should be possible to organize something! :seedling: Here, let me mention a few of them and they might jump in with more suggestions. @FloraMasoy @ScholasticaJullu @HamzaAlly @ScholasticaJullu @TimothyYaile @Wigayi @fortunata @Sadiq @DAVIDYOHANA @WolframNziku @BenardMosira @Kees @nobel @mrblastuskahemela

As regards finding funding for your work, I don’t know if you’ve already had a chance to do so but you may want to take a look at this pinned topic in the #opportunities category. It has a wealth of leads that other members have had success with.

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Oh, I hope you don’t mind but I changed the title of this topic to hopefully make it more connected to the discussion taking place and moved it into our new #financing Innovative Financing category, which is precisely about finding ways to make legal empowerment at the grassroots work. Many, many organizations throughout the world face the same challenge and there are some clear reasons for it that we all need to work on at every level. @vivekmaru recently wrote a compelling article about it.

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thanks!so much for your suggestions.


Hello @AndrewExavery, I just came across your question and although it is not related to financing legal empowerment work, I thought you might be interested in the below topic regarding empowering youth as paralegals in communities themselves with interesting posts from members in Rwanda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Peru, and elsewhere:

Keep up the good work!