First Nations Court in Canada

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Very interesting, First Nations Court in BC, Canada

First Nations Court

If you identify as Aboriginal you may be able to have your bail or sentencing hearing in one of BC’s First Nations Courts.

First Nations Court is different from other provincial courts. It focuses on community and healing. It makes sure that everyone involved in your case has a chance to be heard. The goal of your sentence will be to strengthen and heal you and your community.

For more information about applying to First Nations Court, see Who can help.

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Thanks for sharing the information. it is useful

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Very interesting, some native communities face problems with the drinking water.

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The First Nations traditional heritage.

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Very interesting article.

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Hi Alexander! Thanks for sharing these links, and thank you for being such an enthusiastic, active member in our community! We appreciate your thoughtful interventions very much.

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Question for others reading here about the First Nations in Canada: are there similar arrangements in other countries? Could you see such things as first nations courts working in your country?

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Dear Tobias, I am already three years and six months in Canada, upgrading my legal education, taking courses, networking, volunteering and building up knowledge about the Canadian legal system. A process of national reconciliation is taking place in Canada in the last years. The Indigenous people in Canada for a long time did not receive the necessary attention and care from different governments. They face significant challenges with poverty, low incomes, discrimination, high representation in the correctional facilities, drug addiction, access to justice and many other social and legal issues. The government is trying to use their traditional legal tools and preventive measures to handle the crime and to settle many legal issues in the area of social services, family law, property law, criminal law and others. This is very, very interesting process and I am exploring this area with a lot of excitement. The native people in North America have significant spiritual heritage and in my opinion a bright future. I will be very happy to share my thoughts in this network and also to explore the opportunities related to different international legal projects. The access to justice is very interesting subject and it matches with my interests. Truly yours, Alexandar

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