Forced Evictions in Rio - a new 20min documentary

Thomson Reuters Foundation released an interesting short documentary today on forced evictions.

One man, one city, three evictions: the human cost of Rio’s growth follows the story of 62-year-old Altair Guimarães, evicted three times over three decades from three different parts of Rio. His path illustrates how the re-development and gentrification of Brazil’s second biggest city has systematically pushed many of its poorest residents to the periphery. However, this story is emblematic of a global issue, affecting millions of families and communities across the world.

Teaser (36 secs): Full time (20 mins) : Feature on

The film’s producer Nicky Milne and journalist Jo Griffin will be speaking about their experiences during the filming and production of the feature during a Facebooklive event on Tuesday 25th April 2pm BST at

If you would also be interested in hosting a film screening and discussion, representatives of the production team have said they would be happy to work with you to arrange this. Please reply here and I can put you in touch with them.