Free 6-week online course: An introduction to childhood statelessess

The Institute on Statelessness and Inclusion (ISI) is trialing the ISI Online Classroom with a free six-week pilot course starting in late June 2020:

An introduction to childhood statelessness and promoting every child’s right to a nationality.

The course aims to address the importance of protecting and promoting the child’s right to a nationality and draw an overall global picture of childhood statelessness, focusing on the intersecting issues of discrimination, birth registration, the SDGs and (forced) migration.

The course comprises 6 learning units:

Date Learning Unit
Fri 26 June Introduction to the course & UNIT 1: An introduction to childhood statelessness
Mon 6 July UNIT 2: The right of every child to a nationality
Mon 13 July UNIT 3: Discrimination and childhood statelessness
Mon 20 July UNIT 4: Birth registration, childhood statelessness and the SDGs
Mon 27 July UNIT 5: (Forced) migration and childhood statelessness
Mon 3 August UNIT 6: Promoting every child’s right to a nationality and wrap up
Mon 10 August Final assignment (optional) and evaluation
Mon 31 August Course closes

Learners are invited to work on each Unit at their own pace and at a time that suits them. The Units contain a mix of readings and multimedia (podcasts and video), as well as a quiz and/or short discussion assignment. Course participants will be able to interact with one another via a discussion board in the ISI Online Classroom and pose questions relating to the course topics to the ISI team.

ISI is not charging any fees for participation in this pilot course, but registration is compulsory. All course participants will be asked to complete a short evaluation to provide feedback that will help ISI to further develop and improve its online learning.


Any questions about the programme can be directed towards

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