Free Excel Dashboard Webinar Series

If you’re looking to boost your dashboard and data visualization skills, you’re in luck! is offering a free online Excel webinar series this week. Here’s a description of each training:

Webinar 1 - Excel Dashboard for Excel 2007 to 2019 and Office 365

The first webinar will teach you how to use Excel to build this interactive dashboard below, no additional software or add-ins required, just plain old Excel and some data.

Many Excel users will already have the skills to build this dashboard, and seeing them put together will be exciting and inspiring when you realize how quickly you can get up and running with Excel dashboards.

Webinar 2 - Excel Dashboard for Excel 2010 to 2019 and Office 365 using Power Query and Power Pivot

Excel is evolving; additions like Power Query and Power Pivot have transformed the way we work in Excel.

Embracing these new tools will not only enable you to get your work done more quickly, but you’ll also have a huge competitive edge in the workplace because less than 1% of Excel users know these tools.

If you have Excel 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 or Office 365* then this webinar will showcase how you can use Excel’s Power Query tool to get data from multiple sources, mash it up with Power Pivot, analyze it in PivotTables to create this interactive Excel Dashboard.

Webinar 3 - Power BI Dashboards (replay)

Until recently Excel was the go-to tool (for most of us) for building data visualizations. That said, now we also have a dedicated dashboard and data visualization tool from Microsoft in the form of Power BI that can build amazing interactive reports.

In fact, Power BI can visualize data in ways we can only dream about in Excel, with features like:

  • Interactive charts that allow users to cross highlight and filter by clicking on the bars/lines in the charts etc.
  • Allow users to drill down to lower levels and even underlying data (with your permission)
  • Power BI takes the hassle out of sharing dashboards, enabling us to easily share reports on any device
  • Clever algorithms scan your data and automatically highlight insights you may never discover on your own
  • Building Power BI dashboards is super-fast with drag and drop navigation
  • Updating Power BI dashboards is easy too . Simply schedule a refresh so your dashboards are always up to date

Sign up for any or all of the webinars here.