Free Online Course: Budget & Finance Management course for NGO staff

A new online course is making NGO staff more financially savvy

A new training course and certification program designed by a network of NGOs to help staff in the field and at headquarters become more financially savvy has been launched, as belts tighten across the industry.

LINGOs, a membership organization that provides training tools to the third sector, announced the release of the certification β€” FMD Pro (Financial Management for Development and Humanitarian Professionals) β€” on behalf of a sector-wide working group last week.

Covering issues such as accounting records, financial planning, and monitoring, it was developed in response to demand from NGO staff who expressed a need for more training in financial and budget management, and working with numbers.

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This is great - thanks, Ashley, for posting and thanks @mckinleycharles for bringing it to our attention! I took a brief look at the opportunity and noticed that there is a certification attached which would be of great benefit to many NGO staff. The certification is not free of :dollar: cost, but it appears all the coursework is available for free online which is pretty great.

A gentle request to network members: if you look into this opportunity, please report back here on how it works out for you for the benefit of the rest of the community. Thanks! :seedling:

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Would also point out that the fee for getting the certificate is offered on a sliding scale. For grassroots organizations it is just $22. Hopefully that is doable for most people/NGOs. If not, you can still benefit from the course work :closed_book: