Free Online Course: Financing for Development: Unlocking Investment Opportunities (closed)

Dear Colleagues! For those interested on Financing for Development, below follows the opportunity to a free online course offered by the World Bank Group. Please, check the link for additional information.

The World Bank Group is offering a free online course on financing for development which starts on March 1. Registration is here:

The four-week online course – entitled “Financing for Development: Unlocking Investment Opportunities” - will discuss approaches currently being considered by global leaders to finance the sustainable development agenda. Key concepts, terminology, sources of development finance, and the need for increased use of Official Development Assistance (ODA) and innovative financing solutions will be covered.

###What you’ll learn

  • The critical stakeholders, instruments and trends associated with domestic and international public finance in support of development
  • The purpose and premise of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • The main drivers and sources of private finance – both domestic and international –and their growing importance in development

How Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs) supports public and private efforts to meet the 2030 development agenda goals

The course is free and open to all. No prior knowledge is required.

Best Regards, Naiara