Free Online Course: Soar Beyond the Dusty Shelf Report in 7 Days

One of my favorite data visualization experts, Ann K. Emery, is offering a free online self-paced course on report design. Sign up here.

In the course Ann will share her favorite 7 tips in 7 days to transform long, dense, and jargony reports into useful and engaging reports that people will actually read and use.

Here’s the full description:

In this 7-day jumpstart, you’ll see before/after makeovers from real projects. Whether you’re revamping an entire report or starting small with a single graph, there’s only one way to eat that elephant–one bite at a time! I selected my favorite seven tips. These are the strategies I wish I knew sooner. You’ll learn about data visualization, dashboards, and designing rockstar reports inside of software programs that you already have.

I selected a variety of topic areas for this free email course: public health, accounting, zoos (!), human services, satisfaction surveys, and juvenile justice. You can apply these techniques to any topic area that you’re working in.

You’ll be on your way from Dusty Shelf stress to superstardom in no time. And you’ll never look at reports the same way again.

If you take the course reply here and let us know what you think. And better yet, if you end up transforming a report into an infographic, dashboard, slideshow, or brief I’d love to see the end result. :smiley: