Free webinar - Evaluation Failures

Sage Publishing is hosting a free webinar Monday, 19 November at 1 pm ET, on Evaluation Failures: Case Studies for Teaching and Learning. The webinar is based on a recently released book on the topic.

Here’s the webinar description:

It’s often said that failure is the best teacher. In this webinar, three well-known evaluators (Kylie Hutchinson, Benoit Gauthier, and E. Jane Davidson) share their real-life evaluation blunders and ways to incorporate their lessons learned into the classroom. Professional evaluators, instructors, and evaluation students are encouraged to register for this event, which will include an audience question and answer session following a lively discussion. Space is limited, so register today.

Please send your questions, comments and feedback to:

Hope to see you there!



Hi @miaschmid

I would be interested in signing up for this webinar. Do we have a link for that?



@MohammedAman oops! Left out the registration link by mistake. I updated the post, thanks!

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Hi Mia,

Thanks for sharing this information.

I am interested to attend too if Myanmar Time of the webinar is appropriate for me.

Where should I register?



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Hi @sungchinpar

There’s a link to register in the initial post by Mia where it says register today

The timing is likely to be around half past midnight in Myanmar (12.30am). I hope that won’t be too inconvenient.