From PILnet - Coming Soon: Free GDPR and Cybersecurity Webinars

Received via email from PILnet, the global network for public interest law. @mckinleycharles forwarded it to me. She has become Namati’s GDPR tzar (tzarina?) and is constantly challenging our team to remain compliant whenever we kick off a new online campaign containing forms that collect participant data. I think GDPR (general data protection regulation) covering European countries is a very good development not just for Europe but the whole world… it is encouraging everyone to be more diligent with how we treat the personal data of the people we engage with online.

This will be an interesting webinar series and hope some of us in the network are able to attend and report back here. Here’s the link to register: GDPR and Cybersecurity Webinar Registration - Formstack

Coming Soon: Free GDPR and Cybersecurity Webinars

Starting this fall, as part of our effort to strengthen civil society in Europe, PILnet is offering two series of free webinars, one series tailored for European NGOs and one series tailored for Hungarian NGOs. These webinars, created and conducted in partnership with expert law firms and companies, focus on a range of topics including practical cybersecurity ideas and tools, GDPR compliance, and other legal compliance issues.

European webinars (in English) include:*

  • Introduction into GDPR Regulation on Data Protection Incidents
  • Guide to Revise/Create Website Privacy Statement, Terms of Use and Cookie Policy
  • Navigating Transfers of Personal Data to Third Countries Under GDPR

Hungarian webinars (in Hungarian) include:*

  • GDPR: How To Handle and Survive Privacy Incidents
  • Contents of an Employment Contract, Modification of an Employment Contract, Working Hours, and Leave
  • A Guide for NGOs to Compile a Data Inventory

Look for updates and registration information coming soon! If you would like to request additional information, click below.

*All events are subject to change.

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Hi Tobias! Thanks for posting, this series looks fantastic. Is keeping an eye on this topic the best way to find out when registration opens for these webinars? Or is there an email sign up you could point us to?


Hi Katie! Thanks for the question. I guess since this came via a PILnet newsletter, their intention is to inform their subscribers when registration opens. They also provided a contact email to request more info. As soon as we learn something we’ll update this topic but you may want to go straight to the horse’s mouth, so to speak. :horse:


Very interesting, thanks for sharing.

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Makes sense, thanks Tobias!


From our colleagues at PILnet:

Thank you so much for your interest! The registration has started today via this link:

GDPR and Cybersecurity Webinar Registration - Formstack

Please update the link!

Feel free to share the link in any other forum/platform!

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Whoa - I checked out the registration page and it’s a veritable college course with 6 separate webinar sessions. :eyes:

Let’s break it up and report back here for the ones we decide to attend. Can you answer this quick poll to let us know which one you can commit to attending and report back on? Everyone can answer, but esp @mckinleycharles @namati_network I think should attend at least one of them.

  • Introduction into GDPR Regulation on Data Protection Incidents: September 17
  • Guide on how to Revise/Create Website Privacy Statement, Terms of Use and Cookie Policy: October 1
  • Navigating Transfers of Personal Data Between the EU and the United States Under GDPR: October 10th
  • The Basics of Cyber Security for NGOs: October, date and time TBD
  • Guide on how to Recognize and Address GDPR Gaps in Different Contracts: November 15
  • Guide to GDPR on how to Manage Data of Typical Organizational Activities: December 5

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I will probably personally attend most of them.


Great! I’m not surprised but glad you will be able to make time to attend most of them. The ones on managing data and cyber security are right down my alley and I will focus on those.

It’ll be interesting to see how GDPR has evolved since the regulation came into effect last year, and if there are examples worth looking at where it was used to change the policies of organizations like network members and networks like the Global Legal Empowerment Network.