GBV Capacity building support for LADA Zambia (Law and Development Association)

Hello all, A brother from Zambia from the organization above contacted me for seek for technical support. He is requesting for capacity building for paralegals on how to respond to SGBV cases. Please organizations in Zambia with strength please contact him. Details below. I have also sent the link of the network to him so he can join and benefit from other information and opportunities.

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@michaelotto @staceycram @tobiaseigen could you please suggest groups or persons? Thank you so much and my phone is +260 979794555

Hi Fatima, everyone has been on the road these past couple weeks, but once they get back next week, we’ll try to help you and your friend!

Has your Zambian colleague joined the network, and if so, can you share his network ID with us? If we could bring him into an online discussion here directly, that’d be the easiest way to put him in touch with people that can help. @ashleyvanwaes can help with this!

Hello @fatimaadamu, thank you for reaching out. I’ve searched our directory for members in Zambia focused on gender-based violence and would like to connect you with @Chikonde and her organization, Judith Chikonde Foundation.

I’ve also found a couple of resources in our library that you might find relevant:

JCF-Zambia-Community-Based-Paralegal-Training-Manual-2015.doc (478 KB) Paralegal-Manual-2015-Edtion.doc (1.4 MB)

I would be happy to connect with your colleague regarding joining the network if you would like to pass me his contact information.

Thank you, Ashley :sunny:

Collins Mumba Program Coordinator at Law and Development Association LADA

Hello everyone,SGBV have become one of the mean problem that we face with in our various country.sgbv capacity building will help many countries.But another way that people could grap the ideal faster is to dramatist, to create an awareness in the community and also used the media and create awareness.We can also provide the same training for our children and used them create awareness on their schools campus.

Hi @ashleyvanwaes thanks for your response. Collins is already on the network. He has sent a reply to this post. kindly reach out to him and give the necessary support. Thank you