Gender and Energy

I am working in Women Network for Energy and Environment (WoNEE) which is a national network of passionate women willing to contribute to the grassroots in the energy and environment sector throughout Nepal. From the day of establishment of the organization, WoNEE is continuously working on increasing women’s role in energy sector through capacity building, promoting enterprises, increasing access on investment opportunity and benefit sharing in energy sector. Active participant of the women in the local and national level decision making process, adequate advocacy and planning process related to energy is essential to develop women’s leadership in energy, benefit and opportunity sharing, built civic opinion in energy. Thus active participation of women in each level of decision making in the energy sector will create equitable stakeholder participation which promote equitable society, efficiency, transparency and accountability in the sector.


Hello Kala, Greetings from Canada? It was interesting to read your post. What are the concrete forms of participation of the women in enterprises - as enterprisers or as employees in companies and government? Do they have the chance to make their own business? Probably it is very difficult. Thank you and have a nice day! Alexandar

Hello Alexandar

Greetings from Nepal

Thank you for your concern; It is my pleasure to share with you that our idea for promoting women as entrepreneur. We are facilitating to the women to start small scale business at local level. Like Poultry, grinding, tailoring, beauty parlor, shops, hotel etc. and similarly energy based skill for the women is very important to increase women employees like house wring, repair and maintenance of in-house electricity problem, repair maintenance of household electrical appliance. So they have chance to start their own business and employee as well. Ultimately, access of benefits and opportunity for women will be increased. Regards Kala Timalsina

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Hello again, Is there a preferencial funding for projects run by women? I hope the government encourages such initiatives. Alexandar

Hi !

Government is positive in this regards. They want to encourage for promoting enterprise but government do not directly funding for them. WoNEE is grassroots organization which is taking initiatives.


Thanks for the information, I hope you can achieve your goal on increasing women’s role in energy sector

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