Gender and Extremism

When religious fundamentalists came together about 15 years ago and began their violent attacks on communities and those countries they considered anti- their ideology they did not make women part their gangs but as they continued with their rhetoric, either they abducted women or women volunteered to join them. This scenario is found in Arab countries, West and North Africa, and East Africa. Recently, the United States of America treated the world to extremist behaviour of an attack on the Capitol and as things unfold, many women were equally involved in this extremist event.

What is motivating women to engage in extremist behavior? While men take arms and involve in such acts because of a feeling of exclusion and marginalization including issues related to exploitation of natural resources while the local population is sidelined in terms of benefits from the resource, women across all cultures have been known to be peacebuilders and caregivers not only to children but the community at large. What then is this new phenomenon and what is your explanation for it? Please share your views1