Gender base violence

Gender base Violence is a sentence used by many. In fact we sing GBV. 16 days of activism 2019 has arrived. GBV is wide but the focus is limited to women and Rape. I state that gender affects all. As we kick start the 16 days of activism let’s think of Men too. They too suffer in silence. One man last year confessed that they suffer in silence.He furthered that he grew up in a family where boys are asked not to cry .Men do not cry was echoed repeatedly in his ears and when he found out its the norm in other homes too he adapted men do not cry phobia which he believes is a prison to many. His plea is as we roll out programms for the 16 days let’s remember them Men in one activity.

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Its true mostly in our African societies.Both genders beliefs that men can not be violated by women yet its happenings and due to shame on men they cover up.

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