Gender based violence against men is under reported. Which way forward

Men are suffering in silent as consequences of GENDER BASED VIOLENCE cases are on rise.


Vincent the real problem is our society and people who see men as super humans and that nothing can touch them and neither can they be violated by women so the man who is being beaten up by his wife, is too ashamed to come forth and report the violation cuz of what people will think or say about him. The young boys who are being sexually abused by elderly women are afraid to speak out cuz of what their friends might say about it. Most times until something serious happens and the public finds out the truth, it’s hard to report and follow up a violation against men’s case except were extremely lucky to have come across a bold complainant who is willing and ready to tell his story and seek redress in court for what he has suffered in a hands of a predator woman.

Decades ago, the girl child was forgotten, disgraced and segregated. This new generation is now doing the same to the boychild as men’s rights are neglected as society still wants them to toughen up even when their rights are infringed.

Do we even have data? The answer is NO because who cares but something has to be done as soon as possible.

We are not going to fail or give in cuz of lack of support, let’s think outside the box and get the funds we need to complete our work as Community Paralegals

Greetings to you all!

Thank you so much for bringing this highly important topic. Indeed the boy child has been forgotten, but I am optimistic that many initiatives are rising to respond to this.

Please check out MINE FOUNDATION based here in my home country, Tanzania. They are a newly registered non-governmental organization founded specifically to cater to the boy child. Find Yoabu Onesmo Ndanzi, Executive Secretary of Mine Foundation on LinkedIn at - and take a look at the work they do to fight for the basic rights of young boys. It will also be great to interact and exchange with him, he is very approachable!

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Greetings Rachel, this is good news, i think with time situation will improve and men will have safe spaces to talk.

Indeed it is good news! I highly suggest exploring different organizations whose work centers on the boy child and young men. Take a look at what they do, their success stories and see what you can learn from them.

I promise you - the movement to protect boys and young men is gaining momentum and I highly support it! Take a look at PADARE in Zimbabwe, Mshua Masta in Tanzania, MINE FOUNDATION in Tanzania, and also reach out to @InnocentGrant. He works with different Men Engage programs and is also a member of NAMATI.


Thank you so much Rachel. This is my area of focus and more focus on addressing toxic masculinities


Greeting Innocent hoping that you are doing fine, kindly reach me on email

Rachel good morning, please how do we replicate the good examples of the organizations working for boys and abused men in the Community’s to bring justice and also support them to recover from the trauma they’ve gone through in the hands of their abusers. Please send me contacts through my email thank you and have a lovely day

Thank you for your interest! Kindly reach out to @InnocentGrant. He is a member here, and he will be of great service! You can see his comment above.

Will keep sharing more contacts with you.

You are most welcome, Innocent. I highly applaud the work you do!

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