Gender Policy Brief's presentation to MP in Nay Pyi Taw

I would like to share my new experiences of presenting Gender Policy Brief co authored with @caitlinpierce in Nay Pyi Taw. In the morning, we visit to Lower Parliament and listen about parliament meeting as visitors. It is my first time experience at Parliament and it was so much useful to attend and listen about our country’s issues. After meeting, we visited to Chairman of Farmers Affairs Committee office in Parliament. The event is organized by Spectrum (local NGO that focus on Land and Environmental issues in Myanmar). Spectrum invited LCG and Namati to present at event. I am a representative to share our Policy Brief at event. The event lasts 3 hours long at Hotel Max, Nay Pyi Taw. There are 25 parliament members from different regions in Kachin, Kayar, Kayin state and Bago, Magwe and Ayarwaddy division. There are local farmers and CSO from Kachin state attend to the event as well. As participant, Chairman of Farmers Affairs Committee U Sein Win attended to the event too. At first, we introduce ourself and organizations. Second, Kachin farmers speak out their land issues in their area. In third, Spectrum, Namati and LCG present their own presentations to MPs. After that, Q&A session as last and we all discuss about land issue in different regions in Myanmar.

The event went well and really give me so much experiences. Thank you @namati_myanmar team for giving me a chance to go there as representative. Thank you @abigailmoy and @michaelotto for taking me to BNWLA learning exchange visits. Because of this, I am happened to write Gender policy brief. Last but not least, thanks to @vivekmaru for taking care all of Namati staffs and I’m very proud to work at Namati. Love you All!


Congratulations Ma Thi !


Congratulation !! Thi Thi !


What an amazing experience! Congratulations!


That’s amazing, @nantthithioo - Congratulations on pushing your research findings all the way to the national government!


Thank you for this kind update Thi Thi - what a powerful experience! Thank you for going to bat for greater gender equity in Myanmar.

Two questions-

Do you have a sense of how parliamentarians received the recommendations in the brief? What would it take to turn those recommendations into systemic change?

Is there a way to brief all the partners and paralegals we work with on your experience as well? Perhaps you could send a similar note via WhatsApp? I imagine they’ll be equally proud of you, and excited to hear how their work is reaching policy makers.

Keep up the great work



Dear Vivek,

Parliamentarians know and aware about land issue in our country. They all are discussed about land grabbing mostly. Most of parliament members that Spectrum invited are from Kachin state . It would be great to focus for next policy brief based on one specific state and region or township so that we can commute with specific parliament members for specific issue. Tim said that our partners organization will submit recommendations to MPs for their region. It would be great that we can contributes and collaborate their data findings in future recommendations.


Perhaps the Myanmar team could do a webinar presentation which @vivektrivedi could subsequently edit into a short video? Or you could simply do a Screencast to record your presentation to be edited and shared? I’d be happy to help organize a webinar. July or August would be a good time.




This is an eye opener to me…that a parliamentary committee can be partnered up with an NGO. I was really excited about that arrangement and am now thinking that i can push for that to happen in my country Zimbabwe. We have lots of Parliamentary Portfolio Committees on developmental issues like Mining, Farming, Education, Sport etc.

Being a member of an NGO that deals in welfare of orphaned and vulnerable children I think I need to approach our Parliament and moot the idea. It will of course be the first of its kind in our beautiful country but I really need your help guidance and assistance guys in that regard. Let me hear from you my colleagues…