Give us your feedback: ASK ME ANYTHING about The Engine Room’s Light Touch Support!

This AMA forum event took place on 16 August, 2019. You can read the tech questions and answers at this link:

Hello everyone, I work at The Engine Room, an international non-profit organisation which supports civil society with responsible, effective and strategic use of data and technology.

At The Engine Room, I coordinate the pro-bono Light-Touch Support (LiTS) program. We are offering light touch support to organizations working on legal empowerment who are interested in using data and technology in their work. This also includes advice and recommendations about approaches that can be taken and sharing useful resources and learnings.

Mark your calendars! Next Friday, 16 August, I will be available here on the forum to answer any and all questions you may have about The Engine Room and LiTS. I can’t wait to meet you and talk to you about how we help organizations like yours think through their data and tech challenges, in real time!

As you think about the questions you want to ask me, you can refer to these links:


Hi Lesedi! I’m excited to be doing our very first AMA event on the forum with you. Thanks for stepping up to do it with us.

Your light touch support service is amazing and I think all network members should look into it - really everyone in this community should admit and confront the fact that we are overwhelmed with many aspects of technology and data as we go about our legal empowerment work, no matter where we work in the world! This AMA is an ideal opportunity for us to do that collectively.

In case anyone is wondering, Ask Me Anything, or AMA, is a type of online event that I think originated on reddit. Reddit is a popular American forum that lets people share links and rate them, and talk about current events. We don’t aspire to be reddit - it’s a pretty wild place! However, their AMA community tradition is pretty cool! It can be a great way to bring members with shared interests together at the same time on the forum, while including everyone who may not be able to be online at the same time because of time zone differences.

We are making two adjustments. First, we are keeping the AMA topic open for Lesedi’s entire workday, giving people around the world the opportunity to ask questions. Second, we are limiting questions to the topic of data and technology and its use by legal empowerment organizations, the focus of Lesedi’s valuable work at The Engine Room.


amazing, I see this is very important opportunity for organizations that engage with legal empowerment and non- legal empowerment.


@lbewlay and I had a call this morning to make last minute preparations for his “Ask Me Anything” forum event taking place on Friday. Lesedi will kick it off at 8am Gaberone time (11pm on Bainbridge Island, where I am based :first_quarter_moon_with_face:) and wrap up at 5pm Gaberone time (8am for me :sun_with_face:).

I’m excited and looking forward! The Engine Room’s free light touch support program for civil society organizations is very valuable, and it will be very interesting to put Lesedi in the hot seat to answer our community’s questions about it and to learn how organizations can use it to improve their work.

Please note that for this event to succeed, everyone participating will need to follow strict guidelines. Each member gets to ask just one question, so choose it carefully! :wink: Before asking your question, read all the way to the bottom and then use the blue REPLY button at the very bottom to ask your question. Lesedi will answer each question in turn, quoting the question so it will be fun and easy to read through the questions and answers as they pop up in the topic.

If you are inspired by issues raised in the AMA topic, feel free to start new related topics in the #tech category. :seedling:

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Thanks for more details. Looking forward for the event.

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The AMA forum event is on! You can ask your tech questions until 2019-08-16T15:00:00Z at this link:

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This was an amazing session, I really enjoyed hearing the insightful questions and hopefully my feedback was useful.


Thank YOU Lesedi! I enjoyed spending the day with you. Because of the time zone difference, I don’t often experience the start and end of the Botswana work day. :slight_smile: It was an interesting exercise for me and a worthwhile one.

What did you think of the 8 hour timeframe for answering questions? I thought it went quite well but was it disruptive to your day? Did it feel disjointed at all to you and not like a single event?

Traditionally, AMA events are actually much shorter - just an hour or two. That way they are a smaller burden on the time of the VIP answering questions and also I guess it is more dynamic and exciting because the questions and answers appear more quickly in the forum. You get more people logging in at the same time as well who then also can engage at the same time in other topics.

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Overall the session was not too much of a burden or too heavy on my workday. I was able to periodically come in and monitor activity on the forum every couple of hours. I did notice that the majority of activity and questions came towards at the end of session time. I can see the advantages of having a shorter session being more dynamic and rapid but I do believe having a longer time period also allows a larger scope of audiences to participate given then large difference in timezones different participants have.


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