Give voice to the voiceless (providing access to justice for rural traders and farmers in Togo)

Togo is a country that, the rule of law is not refers of the principle of governance in which all people, institutions, grassroots organisations, enteritis, public, and private including the state itself are accountable to the laws that are publicly promulgated equally enforced and independently adjudicated and which are consistent with international human rights norms and standard. From today, more than 50 years the country is suffering of democracy and legal empowerment. We are now targeting to empower poor or marginalized people as farmers and traders in the rural and urban areas to use the law, legal systems, and dispute resolution or redress mechanisms (formal and informal) to improve or transform their social, political or economic situations. Assist us to save Togo from injustice and raise funds for our international Conference in Togo. Thank you.


Hello @Nkanfiegue! Thank you for posting. I look forward to learning more about the work you are doing in Togo - do share some details on the history of your organization, the problem you are setting it up to solve, and your upcoming projects and plans.

Feel free to write in french - the forum provides automatic translation so we can all read/write in our own language - look for the translate button (looks like a globe) to translate a post.

(I don’t know if I am right but I moved this topic into the #paralegals category, where members working on access to justice in communities like you are sharing and learning together)