Global 21 Webinar On The Rise Of Populism (Jan 31, 2016)

Received by email. Looks like it will be an informative webinar!

###The Psychology of Brexit, Trump & the Rise of the Alt Right Join us in this webinar where we look at the psychology of Brexit, populism and the alt right as seen through the ideas of Nicholas Beecroft the author of ‘Analyze West,’ the ‘New Magna Carta’ and ‘Future of Western Civilization’ series. He looks upon the present state as an opportunity to create a new politics.

To participate in this free Webinar, register on the Landing Page at: Brexit, the election of President Trump and the rise of so-called populism and the ‘alt-right’ has been a shock to the prevailing groupthink that has dominated politics for decades.

In this webinar, Dr Nicholas Beecroft will explain the psychology of this seismic political change with reference to value systems, emotional wounds and the many new forms of bigotry, which are limiting our ability to adapt to current life conditions.

Hope to see you there, Francis Sealey GlobalNet21

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