Global Land News - Nov.19 - Dec.3

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Indonesia: Indigenous People Welcome Jokowi’s Climate Speech

December 2, 2015
in: Community Rights, Conservation, Indigenous

An indigenous people’s community has applauded President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s speech at the UN Climate Conference, COP21, in Paris, which cited the role of indigenous people in the fight against climate change.

Kenya: Community Conservation Reduces Elephant Poaching

December 1, 2015
in: Community Rights, Conservation

A report released by Northern Rangelands Trust, which works with 27 community-led wildlife conservancies in northern Kenya that protect more than 6 million acres, provides compelling empirical evidence that community conservation is indeed an effective means of protecting wildlife.

France: Peruvian Indians Travel to Paris to Fight for Their Existence

December 1, 2015
in: Community Rights, Indigenous, Legislation

“The reason for our existence is our land, where we have our own governance, economy and cultural practices,” said Lyndon Pishagua Chinchuya, 43, of the Yanesha community in the Peruvian Amazon. “We are here at COP 21 to show the world the importance of recognizing land tenure as a method of climate mitigation…”

Indonesia: Community Rights to Resources – A Conversation

December 1, 2015
in: Forest, Indigenous, Land Reform, Mapping

Three experts – Wiratno of the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Myrna Safitry of the Epistema Institute, and Abdon Nababan of indigenous civil society group AMAN – shared their thoughts in a wide-ranging panel discussion at the Colloquium on Land and Forest Tenure Reform in Indonesia, convened by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR).

Guatemala: Maya Put Their Lives on the Line to Protect an Irreplaceable Rainforest

November 30, 2015
in: Community Rights, Conservation, Forest, Indigenous

Carmelita and 10 other forest communities have agreed to monitor a territory of nearly 1 million acres for illegal logging, drug trafficking, and other illicit activities. In return, these communities get legal title to the land and rights to profits from forest goods…and timber as well as ecotourism.

Argentina: Indigenous Communities Want Their Land Back

November 30, 2015
in: Eviction, Indigenous, Landlessness

For nearly nine months now, 25 representatives from Argentina’s indigenous communities — Qom, Pilagá, Wichi, and Nivaclé — have camped at the heart of Buenos Aires calling for a meeting with President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner to demand the restitution of land claims.

Papua New Guinea: Children Must Know their Land Rights

November 28, 2015
in: Community Rights, Customary Law

An awareness campaign conducted by Transparency International has highlighted the need for children to know basic land rights, for which they are entitled to, as Papua New Guineans.

Nepal: Government Urged to Implement Comprehensive Land Policy

November 27, 2015
in: Land Reform, Legislation, Mapping, Women

The workshop adopted a six-point resolution stating that appropriate land allocation, land readjustment and security of land tenure were very important for rescue, rehabilitation and reconstruction efforts in a post disaster setting.

Guyana: UN Recognizes Work of Wapichan People Defending Land and Forests

November 26, 2015
in: Conservation, Forest, Indigenous, Mapping

The Wapichan people in Guyana, South America, have received the prestigious Equator Prize from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in recognition of their prolonged efforts to legally secure their ancestral lands and conserve extensive rainforests and diverse wildlife habitats in the South Rupununi.

Taiwan (China): Native Rights Bill Loses Support

November 26, 2015
in: Indigenous, Land Reform, Legislation

The bill proposes awarding 45 percent of Taiwan’s land to the 2 percent of Taiwanese who are indigenous. They have lived on the island for at least 6,000 years. The Han Chinese arrived in the 1940s after the Chinese civil war. There are 16 indigenous groups.

Cambodia: Land Grabs Often Driven by Investors Seeking Land

November 25, 2015
in: Land Grab

Researchers at the environmental watchdog Global Witness say Cambodia’s ongoing land crisis is part of a larger global trend, one driven by economics and resource shortages. With less stability in markets and investments, investors have gone looking for farmland in countries like Cambodia, where it is easy to strike a deal.

Global: A tribute to Sam Moyo – a giant of agrarian studies

November 24, 2015
in: Land Reform

Professor Sam Moyo, director of the African Institute of Agrarian Studies, and a giant of agrarian studies has died tragically as a result of a car accident in New Delhi. This is a terrible loss for Zimbabwe, Africa and the world…

Global: Indigenous Peoples’ Voices Must be Heard at Paris Climate Change Conference

November 20, 2015
in: Indigenous

Together with the International Indigenous Peoples’ Forum on Climate Change, UNDP is bringing indigenous leaders and high-level government officials together, often for the first time, to ensure that the priorities of indigenous peoples, whose lands are often seized for intensive greenhouse gas-emitting development, are embedded in national proposals for the conference, widely known as COP21.

Romania: The murderers next door

November 19, 2015
in: Conflict, Land Dispute

In a remote corner of Romania, neighbours kill each other over tiny strips of land. Betrayed by their rulers, these rural communities have resorted to violent assertion of their rights…