Global Land News Summary Sept.2 - 9

Tensions over land grabs, disagreements over ‘development’, and land rights activists all in the news this week. Did we miss anything? Add stories or comments below! :earth_asia:

Colombia: NGOs allege palm company Poligrow has contributed to forced displacement & land grabbing, opponents received death threats

September 9, 2015
in: Conflict, Land Grab

A joint investigation project by the Colombian NGO Comisión Inter Eclesial de Justicia y Paz, and the US-based NGO Environmental Investigation Agency, allege serious abuses on land rights and violence related to an oil palm investment by Poligrow.

Uganda: Museveni warns development saboteurs

September 8, 2015
in: Food Security, Land Dispute, Land Grab

…Mr Museveni particularly cited those still frustrating oil palm growing on Kalangala Islands, saying they don’t deserve to live because they don’t want the country to become self-sustaining… However, some politicians and conservationists have been opposed to this project, saying it is done at the cost of the environment since many forests have been cut down to pave way for oil palm growing and many small holder farmers were also left landless.

Indonesia: Village Forest Licences – What are they really for?

September 8, 2015
in: Forest, Indigenous, Land Reform, Legislation

A recent study conducted by the World Agroforestry Centre has revealed that the management of forested land by local communities is threatened by deeply-rooted issues, unclear responsibilities and policies, and a lack of financial support.

Peru: On Jungle Murder Anniversary, a Lesson for Paris

September 8, 2015
in: Conflict, Forest, Indigenous

Negotiators preparing for the upcoming U.N. climate change conference in Paris have adopted language that seems to strengthen efforts to stop deforestation…But the experience of the Peruvian Ashéninkas and other indigenous peoples suggests that they must benefit directly from the agreements made in Paris, and they need strong rights if they are to successfully stand up to the powerful drivers of deforestation.

Global: Land Rights – Essential for the Post-2015 SDGs

September 7, 2015
in: Community Rights

Leveraging decades of extensive expertise, a broad coalition of global and national organizations, civil society, and experts, including UNEP, the Women’s Major Group, IUCN, and the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network, recommended including a Land Rights Indicator in the SDGs.

Africa: Indigenous Communities Key to Preserving Forests, Combating Climate Change

September 7, 2015
in: Conservation, Forest, Indigenous

…in many places where indigenous forest people have had their rights denied them, or have been moved off their lands, rampant illegal logging and badly-managed forests are evident…

Africa: Why Small-Scale Forest Businesses are Right for Africa

September 7, 2015
in: Community Rights, Conservation, Forest, Indigenous

As the World Forestry Congress convenes in Durban, South Africa, forest producers should be embraced and inserted at the center of strategies to protect forests, and to ensure that the strategies benefit both local people and the global environment.

Malaysia: Court to Hear State’s Appeals on NCR Land

September 7, 2015
in: Customary Law, Indigenous, Legislation

A full bench of the Federal Court is scheduled to hear Sarawak government’s appeals on the extent of native customary rights (NCR) over land at the Kuching High Court on Wednesday.

Myanmar: Land activist faces prison

September 6, 2015
in: Land Grab, Land Titles

A prominent farmers’ activist in Myanmar, Saw Maung Gyi, an activist from the 88 Karen Generation Student Organization, appeared in court on Friday in what watchdog organizations say is part of an escalating crackdown on land rights campaigners.

Global: Biocultural Rights – A New Paradigm for Protection

September 3, 2015
in: Community Rights, Indigenous, Natural Resources

The concept of biocultural rights emphasizes the interdependent and interlinked nature of Indigenous resources; that is, the existence of Indigenous cultural resources is dependent on Indigenous natural resources and vice versa. As a legal concept, biocultural rights would integrate the current fragmented and separate systems of substantive Indigenous rights to natural and cultural resources.

Indonesia: How indigenous are you?

September 3, 2015
in: Community Rights, Customary Law, Forest, Indigenous

A recently published research article in International Forestry Review by researchers from the World Agroforestry Centre working in cooperation with the Forest and Climate Change Programme of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit takes a closer look into the complexities surrounding recognition of indigenous rights in Indonesia.