Global update on human rights and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic - High Commissioner, UN Human Rights

Zimbabwe is yet another country where COVID-19 is exacerbating severe challenges. Last month three women from the main opposition party were reportedly abducted and tortured in the context of enforcement of COVID restrictions – and were later charged with “false allegations” and incarcerated. However, recent decisions by the country’s courts could indicate a pathway towards greater justice and a more sound foundation of governance. These include rulings that the Government must make provisions for access to water as a right, and must provide protective equipment to frontline workers; that people with disabilities have a right to information about the pandemic in accessible formats; and that law enforcement must respect human rights and the work of journalists while enforcing lockdown measures. Action in this direction could help build a new and transformative path for many countries - Michelle Bachelet, High Commissioner, United Nations Human Rights statement to the 44th session of the UN Human Rights Council.