Grassroots organizations and SDGs: crucial for inclusion and accountability

Dear colleagues. I would like to share a recent article that my co-author Jeannie Samuels and I, published at the British Medical Journal. Below an extract of our article:

“An accountability gap exists within the SDG framework. Grassroots organisations are one way in which that can be plugged, but this will not happen spontaneously. These organisations should be supported directly and through intermediary organisations. In this way they can establish innovative, sustainable mechanisms that allow them to interact with state institutions…The practical experiences gained show how grassroots organisations can help the most marginalised people to play a central role in implementing the SDGs and promoting social and economic rights.”

In our article, we describe different successful experiences with grassroots organizations, including Namati´s work in Mozambique. The article is open access. It can be downloaded through this link:

Regards Walter


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