Groundtruthing - A Journey from Law to Environmental Justice

Originally published at: Groundtruthing – A Journey from Law to Environmental Justice
“The community actually said that the ‘air is so bad and the water is so bad that we can neither cook nor make tea.’” This observation was delivered during a recent webinar entitled Building Evidence for Justice – Groundtruthing Environmental Compliance, by Kanchi Kohli, Legal Research Director at the CPR-Namati Environmental Justice Program in India. This is a reality in many countries across the globe, including India, where rapid industrialization is threatening the environment and livelihoods of millions. Kanchi Kohli and colleague delivering the webinar from New Dehli, India. To push back, the CPR-Namati Environmental Justice program has developed a…


Great summary of a great webinar :grinning:


Thanks Vivek! Here in Nigeria the situation is so bad that our leaders take their children abroad because of the bad environmental pollution and infrastructural decay with high level of injustice and inequality with the marginalized communities, the poor are suffering while the riches get richer as they continue to milk the poor. to increase their riches


Thank you for your message @princeisraelorekha . The conditions in Nigeria sound very similar to those in India and many other developing countries. It certainly is the case that democracy and rights are often sacrificed at the altar of development and modernization, with marginalized communities the most significantly affected. What are the steps, if any, that are being taken in Nigeria by civil society to counter these debilitating trends? Are there any methodologies such as groundtruthing or grassroots legal empowerment models that are being implemented? It would be excellent for the Namati-CPR Environmental Justice Program in India to learn of the challenges and successes in Nigeria, as well share on their own experiences to perhaps inform on options moving forward.


@Vivektrivedi, thank you very much at the moment, there are still alot to be done because the citizens are not aware of theright tools to engage their policy makers so the laws only affect the poor why the good policy only affect the rich. what we are advocating for is to build capacity of civil society organisation and human right group to be able to be able to increase awereness.

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