Growing interest in securing rangelands

In the last 2 weeks I have been in the field working on initiatives that is securing rangelands andrangelands resources. Some key issues are interesting and needs more reflect and i wish to throw them here.

  1. In Tanzania initiatives towards securing the rangelands and pastoral lands in general draws from the land Act and the Village Land act. through these laws, many communities have secured their land rights through the CCRO. what was striking and made me think is the levels of rights which vary and probably might need some documentation is the rights issues within these legal frames. Even though the security of rights have been secured for instance among the Hadzabe, the question which is not asked is, what happened to those who were not part of them and also accessed the same resources?

  2. The joint village land use plans which has accepted the many interests but, again what has happened or will happen to individual rights in the context of changing livelihoods and interests of members within the secured resources and areas who then changes to other livelihoods? This is critical aspect to think through as Kenya is moving to the actualization for instance of the Community land Law.


This is a great topic to discuss, thank you @KenOtieno for starting it!

Perhaps some of our land rights leaders from Tanzania can offer some thoughts? @KondeiMakko @TimothyYaile @FloraMasoy


For sure, this is a very interesting topic. In Kenya, it is relevant when talking about access/shared rights over lands.

There are different layers of rights especially among the pastoralist communities over grazing areas. The question is, how to ensure all the layers, which might include; ownership, use, access/shared rights are protected without necessarily causing some sort of discrimination.

I’m sure our Tanzanian colleagues have interesting lessons to share, can’t wait to hear more on this topic.

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David, it just struck today when I was reflecting that there are a couple of things that we must look at and define the implications, relevance and multiplicity and overlaps without undermining any jurisprudence.


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