Guidance on remote teams & organizing with "social distance"

Here I share this interesting resource for the times to come.

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In the wake of the COVID-19 global health crisis, many organizing groups and activists need to transition to remote work. Many are also looking for ideas for organizing in a time of required “social distancing.”

We’re offering free sessions on how to navigate these challenges. Join us on 03/31 and 04/02.

We’re also inviting non-profit organizing groups, unions, NGOs and activists to join a Slack channel for ongoing community problem-solving, ideas and support.

Register here.

Whether you’re looking for guidance or have experience to share, please join us!

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This is wonderful, thanks for sharing @lucianabercovich! I’m planning to attend next week’s sessions.

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@lucianabercovich - thanks for sharing this. On the topic of social movements, I really liked this article, “Coronavirus is a historic trigger event — and it needs a movement to respond: Even in times of social distancing, building a collective, social response to the pandemic is our only salvation.

Also, on the same Waging Nonviolence website is a list of 7 items for activism during a pandemic that, while US-centric, is quite insightful: HOLY SH*T! 7 things to do instead of hoarding toilet paper: Beautiful Trouble’s irreverent guide to activism in the time of pandemic. I love Beautiful Trouble’s training activities, so it was good to see their take on this.

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