Haki na Sheria Initiative is launching a documentary on “The Plight of Double Registered Persons in Kenya”

Join Haki na Sheria Initiative (HSI) this coming Thursday as we launch a documentary and have a discussion on “The Plight of Double Registered Persons in Kenya” Attached is an invitation letter and the webinar registration link can be found in the document. See you soon! Haki na Sheria Webinar Invite.pdf (271.3 KB)


Thanks so much @habibafora! I look forward to the launch of the documentary “The Plight of Double Registered Persons in Kenya”

Copying in @alihaji @mariahoyier @stellaobita @Panti @rebekahopara @marynjeri @zina_rombo @MarkMwaura @mohanoor @AhmedMohamed @RupertLipton who might be interested to attend this virtual event as well!

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Hi there,

I am a researcher working on a series on statelessness, would love to touch base to see what the impact of this in your country.

Please can you contact me on [email protected]


Oh, this passed me the way it looks interesting. Could it be available on any of your social media platforms? Wilson Nolly Raye Kuza Livelihood Improovement Projects Mombasa - Kenya.


This documentary is now available on Haki na Sheria’s Youtube page! Hope you get a chance to watch it there, and feel free to post any reactions here!

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The plight of the community is captured very well in the documentary! Thank you for sharing it with us. We hope the government will immediately take an action that will free the community from the oppression they are in, and that will help us working in Wajir, solve the same problems.

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