Happy International Women's Day! What are you doing to celebrate?

(Michael Otto) #1

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy International Women’s Day today! We will soon publish the results of our recent annual survey, but the results show that, as usual, women’s rights tops the list of issues our community is focusing on and rightly so. Women’s rights overlap every other area of our work, from health to land rights to political representation, and while they are important everyday, all year, every year, it is still worth noting this fact in particular today.

Are you doing anything to celebrate either personally or professionally? @Nyaradzo and the Zimbabwe Environmental Lawyer’s Association sent around this petition for women’s day that I thought I would share as an example of a member moving an important initiative forward today.


#BalanceforBetter #LeaveNoWomanBehind #WomenCan #ResponsibleInv

The Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA) would like to join the rest of the world in celebrating International Women’s Day. Indeed the 8th of March marks a very important day on the world’s calendar as the world joins hands to celebrate women’s achievements. The theme for International Women’s Day this year, Think Equal, Build Smart, Innovate for Change, puts innovation by women and girls, for women and girls, at the heart of efforts to achieve gender equality.

This day comes at a time when Zimbabwe is party to several treaties and conventions that promote and protect women’s rights. The country also prides itself for having laws and a Constitution that enshrines women rights and gender equality in all spheres. Several strides have been made over the years to improve and advance women’s rights with a view of achieving equality between men and women.

As ZELA guided by our Gender and Anti-sexual Harrassment Policy we have made several inroads in defending the rights of women. Much of the organization’s work revolves around our five thematic areas which are extractives and mining, local service delivery program, climate change and energy program, land and natural resources program and responsible investment and business program. We encourage and strive for equal participation and involvement of women in all our programs. Further, our programs are specifically tailored to address women’s challenges and help them assert their rights as enshrined in the Constitution. ZELA also works with several women rights movements known as the Women’s Forums at grass roots level in a bid to empower them to be involved in all facets of life.

However, be that as it may ZELA is deeply concerned about the condition and status of women in general, particularly in the mining sector. The #StopMacheteKillings campaign is a sad reminder of the rampant violence against women and girls rife in the artisanal and small-scale mining sector (ASM). ZELA affirms the need for gender sensitive government policies and legislation in the ASM sector to make is safe work space for women. The organisation notes that women and girls continue to be excluded in environmental decision-making associated with the use of natural resources. Women are reeling from the negative impacts of large scale investments in mining and extractive industries. For instance, water pollution along the Deka (Hwange coal mining), Save (Manicaland diamond mining) and Mazowe Rivers ( Mazowe gold mining) among others; loss of livelihoods from fishing (Hwange) and market gardening in Mutoko (black granite mining). At a time when oil is being explored, considering its devastating impacts on the environment as witnessed in other oil rich countries in Africa like Nigeria’s Ogoni community. ZELA thus calls for robust Gender Impact Assessments to be conducted before the decision to extract natural resources is made and continuous gender- impact monitoring conducted during the course of mining and extractive projects. ZELA continues calling for gender parity in the workplace in the mining companies at all levels.

Although the Constitution of Zimbabwe recognises property and land rights we have noted that most women have limited access to land in Zimbabwe. Most women in own land through their spouses and as such their access to land is tied up to the spouse. This in all manner and circumstances is not in tandem with the founding objective and values of the supreme law of the land. Further, the same flies on the face of International norms and standards that Zimbabwe subscribes to. We therefore motivate the government of Zimbabwe to adopt strategies and policies that increase woman’s access to land.

The most insidiously pervasive women’s rights deprivations and disparities result from increasingly regressive taxation, a mining tax regime that does not ensure mining companies pay a fair share of taxes. This women’s day we join the Global Days of Action on #TaxJustice for Women’s Rights as we continue calling for progressive reforms in the Zimbabwe’s mining tax regime and for government to make good on its statement in the Monetary Policy that Zimbabwe will join the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).

Finally, as mega deals continue to be sought after and signed to attract the much needed FDI into our economy under the Zimbabwe is open for business mantra, ZELA calls for #ResponsibleInv in the mining sector and calls all women to sign the Petition Responsible Investments Campaign.

Personally, I will be cooking and treating my wife and daughter like the queens that they are, but that is nothing out of the ordinary here. :blush: :womens: :dancing_women: :women_wrestling:

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(Ali Hassan) #2

I use the social media to address about the day. In my country different forums and activities were organized to celebrate the day.

(Pema Choki) #3

I arranged a celebration at a high school with some visual clips about some Great women in the world, and ended with Women in Leadership in our country. We had some short cultural programs to honor the day.

(Fatima Adamu) #4

We celebrated focusing on the theme for the year #BalanceforBetter .

  1. We had a live facebook broadcast targeting young people who liked IWEI page. We talked about issues of inequalities in our communities and how we could all work together to bring them to the minimum. We spoke at length about child marriage but used education as a strategy to reduce . On our organizational instagram, staff members took photos in the pose of the day and we shared them. We had a specific one with the ES and a male staff to try to generate conversion there too.
  2. We also had a one hour Live Radio call in programmes to talk about how we were working to reduce inequalities as an organization. This year, we focused on the use of media because it was an election eve and we didn’t want to bring people together that could be exposed to risks.

(Michael Otto) #5

That’s amazing @fatimaadamu, thanks for sharing! I always love hearing about how you encourage awareness and engagement in communities you work in and look forward to hearing more in an upcoming webinar (more about that to be posted soon too).

(David Yohana) #6

BPO we were part to the cerebration ,it was the time to show them that they have their right to enjoy,and as BPO we are working for them During the cerebration we continued to show various successful story of their fellow womens whom enjoyed the fruits of BPO, AFTER BEEN HELPED TO FIGHT FOR THEIR RIGHT,AND THEY GOT IT.

(David Yohana) #7

Good enough, BPO here Bumbuli DC,we are the one who preparing various dedication massage with different meaning and title,also big picture showing various action of either men and community which violated women right,or aiming at eliviate women from enjoying there rights All this is to show and ensuring legal empowerment to the Bumbuli community and Tanzania in large during the cerebration so as they get rid about various act towards women that are illegal

(Janemary Ruhundwa) #8

We celebrated at the office with some of our women clients and employees of the nearby “Maznat Bridal Care” Our theme for the day was self care for self esteem and self confidence. We used the day to celebrate all the hard work we do and remind ourselves that for us to continue doing well what we do, we must take time to recharge. We should factor in time for ourselves in our schedules, to rest and do something for ourselves.

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