Happy New Year!

Dear friends all over the world, I wish you a happy and prosperous 2020! All the best. Alexandar


Hi, Alexandar! Thank you for the thoughtful new year’s greetings. It’s nice to know some members are still logging in over the holiday season! I see there are some interesting conversations you’ve been nudging along that I look forward to catching up on now that I’m back online.

Happy new year, Alexandar, and happy new year, everyone! I hope you were able to take a bit of time off from the legal empowerment struggle to reflect and recharge, together with family and loved ones.

What do you think the Global Legal Empowerment Network should focus on in 2020 and beyond? If you have not yet had a chance to do so, now is a great time to answer the annual network survey at https://namati.org/network/survey.

And, what are your plans for 2020? Any good new year’s resolutions? :wink:

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Hi Tobias, Thank you for your message, happy New Year! I came across an information about a project of the Canadian Bar Association. The name of the project is CIRD East Africa and it is designed to provide volunteering of lawyers in East Africa. I will read today for more details. Have a nice day and talk to you tomorrow. Thank you. Alex

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@elcenajeffers responded by email:

We need to look to the climate change and everybody on the Planet to solve these problems.

I could not agree more. You are so right. What are some things you are doing to work on the problems caused by climate change?

For me, this message received via @staceycram is an inspiration - climate change is such a huge problem that seems impossible. So I like the idea of “Optimisim is a political act” and “You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time.” to motivate me to take action every day. Thank you Angela Davis, and thank you Stacey! :seedling:

Received by email from @DAVIDYOHANA:

2020 let’s us just continue to fight against all kinds of oppression against vulnerable group. Through legal education and legal Aid.

Happy New Year, @DAVIDYOHANA! Thanks for getting in touch. Your message of encouragement and solidarity is appreciated by everyone. Let us continue the fight! :sunflower: