Happy to join the Legal empowerment

I am greatly happy to join the legal empowerment Network Community Discussion platform and greeting to you all.


Greetings to you too and happy to have you onboard

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Greetings to you, and welcome to the most resourceful Legal Empowerment Network forum.


Young Africans Community Empowerment Initiative, Sierra Leone (YACEI_SL). +232_79780679/+232_88483142

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Greetings to you and welcome to the platform, where we share more on Gaps exist on access to justice by all, our interventions as community based paralegals, challenges we encounter and solutions

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Excited to have you join us! I would recommend you check out our resource library – I’m sure you’d find many resources on your areas of interest. I’d also encourage you to keep engaging in conversations on this forum :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community!

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