Harresment of a mother of 2 childrens by her own husband and hus parents in our locality

Early morning today i have been given a news regarding a mother of 2 childrens who has been violated/harresed by her husband and his parents in home they are not giving her food to eat she is hungry for 3 days yesterday. Her parents are very humble nature they couldn’t say A word against this. The husband didn’t care for her nor his parents she sleeps in the ground at park of his home they didn’t allow her to sleep in room .in this haresh winter also please do something for her .

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Please Abid Bashir, This is not a thing to wait for, you are the starting point, for your safety/security, please connect her to the powerful NGOs./Institution you know, dealing with the RIGHTS OF WOMEN as soon as possible before it is to late.

Hi Abid, thank you for sharing your issue, please do check out our member directory for organizations in your country that could help with this.

Sorry but i don’t know aay organization/institute which are dealing with this matter . If you know any organization/institute please share with me so that i can help her to get rid off that please

Can you try to browse and search for those in your country first, then try other avenues for guidance.

Thank you Abid Bashir for sharing your issue kindly visit the nearest station of children and inform them about that issue