Hatch for Good - An interactive lesson/toolkit for storytelling... and possibly an interesting format for empowerment

Hatch for Good is an interactive lesson/toolkit for storytelling by the Rockefeller Foundation. An organization answers questions in specific fields regarding its communications capacities, and gains important information along the way.


From the website:

Hatch for Good has four interactive sections, each designed to help you strategically craft, curate and share stories to drive social impact. As you answer questions, you will be provided with suggested tools, case studies and resources that are customized to your needs. These recommendations will always be saved to your profile so you can access them later.

The result is a strategy laid out by the program based on your answers that gives some guidance on how to better move your organization’s storytelling forward.

I also think this format could be leveraged for our legal empowerment work as well, where we create an interactive toolkit that allows clients/paralegals/organizations go through a process of answering questions based on our 4 program areas to eventually get some guidance on how to move their advocacy forward. If a paralegal is workign with a community that is affected by pollutants being dumped in a nearby river for instance, they can click/write their answers in the specific fields, be directed to important resources along the way, and also have a set of options provided to them based on their answers (eg: write to X government authority, develop evidence base by taking pictures, etc).

I think the format has legs for legal empowerment, but at a basic level it’s an important practice to undertake to look at how well we’re telling our stories and impacts to the world.