High Level Political Forum 2019


(Lorenzo Wakefield) #1

Many members of the Global Legal Empowerment Network would know that next year SDG16 will be evaluated at the United Nations High Level Political Forum (HLPF) in July and September 2019. Civil society participation would be crucial both at the High Level Political Forum, and with activities on sidelines of it. Would it be possible for the Global Legal Empowerment Network to keep a database of any planned activities by civil society around the High Level Political Forum? I think a database where we can share what we plan to do around HLPF2019 would be useful. Any thoughts or ideas by members on this?

(Laura Goodwin) #2

That’s a great idea @lorenzowakefield! I’m sure there will be so many network members will be engaged in the run-up to the HLPF since Goal 16 is up for evaluation.

Maybe @staceycram @cocolammers and @michaelotto could advise on how best to organize a shared database or calendar on all related events?

(Lorenzo Wakefield) #3

Awesome! Sounds like a good plan.

Looking forward to hear more ideas from @staceycram @cocolammers and @michaelotto on this.

(Frank Taylor) #4

Semantic MediaWiki is one option for the creation of an accessible database.

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