Highlights from Namati's event in New York City

We wanted to share with you some highlights from a small event Namati held last evening in New York City to share the power of our movement. The evening was a gathering of friends, supporters, and new allies who were interested to hear about Namati’s work and that of our colleagues working to build this movement. You were all with us in spirit as our CEO @vivekmaru outlined our vision to put the power of the law in the hands of the people and relayed moving stories of the work done at the grassroots every day by paralegals across the world.

I can tell you it was quite a sight when he showed those gathered a world map with points indicating the representation of membership within the Global Network. Looking at our membership that spans every part of the globe, it was very clear that we can move mountains together.

Our board member and Avaaz Executive Director Ricken Patel opened the evening by situating the legal empowerment movement within a broader movement towards a greater global civic consciousness. To close the evening, another Namati board member, Global Zero Executive Director Matt Brown, spoke to the potential of our field to catalyze massive change around an “idea whose time has come” – encouraging those gathered to join us.

But perhaps the biggest highlight of the night was getting to hear a first-hand account from our colleague @mustafa_mahmoud of the critical work being done daily by the Nubian Rights Forum in Kenya. @mustafa_mahmoud is a beautiful speaker and left a deep impression on those gathered as he described NRF’s efforts to secure citizenship rights for the Nubian communities of Kenya. We were grateful to have him with us.

All in all, it was a deeply inspiring and moving evening. Namati’s @abigailmoy may be sharing photos of the event in the coming days. And we’re very appreciative of the work done by Namati’s @caitlinsislin, supported by @deylacurtis and @mollygormley for pulling this evening together.

The work you all do every day inspires all of us and we will continue to take this message out into the world.

In solidarity, Your Namati colleagues


Congratulations everyone!! This is such wonderful news!

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Wonderful news! Great work team mates!

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Congratulations! I know how challenging it can be to pull off an event like this. So glad to hear it went well and really appreciate the thoughtful report, @indirasarma! And do share photos soon if you can, @abigailmoy! :slight_smile:

I am intrigued to learn more about @mustafa_mahmoud who I have been observing as an active participant lately in discussions.

Good news! Congratulations to everyone for such a wonderful job.

It’s a privilege to create a fundraising platform for this powerful work, led by the talented, brilliant, dedicated people of Namati! Thanks to all the Namatians who attended for setting up the space and engaging our guests, thanks to @vivekmaru and @mustafa_mahmoud for your incredibly compelling presentations, and thanks to @deylacurtis and @mollygormley for pulling all the materials together. Excited to continue to explore this event format with you all in cities like DC, SF, and LA.


Congratulations on an inspiring event last night, it was an honor to be present representing Namati in such a way! Great job to @caitlinsislin for putting it together and @mustafa_mahmoud, who is an exemplary representation of what Namati is trying to achieve - very moving indeed!

Thank you so much!!!

Great job! Thanks for marketing our Namati.


Congratulations, to every member of NAMATI for a job well done