How a paralegal can offer a comprehensive speech to the community

A person must know the challenges of that specific community,how the community are being harassed.The community are usually right so,a paralegal must be well equipped in this area.One can also try as much as possible to help the community realise their land rights.Land is so much useful and it needs the inhabitants to have a sense of responsibility.


It is quite important i think to understand your audience because communities are very diverse and this is what will make or break the message, appealing to the young and old, all genders, religions, cultures etc.One should always be grounded by ethics and be in keeping with the principles of “Do no harm”. One of the strengths of a paralegal is being rooted within the community and so probably speaking their language in the case of native areas and communities.

The recently launched paralegal practitioners guide also has some good insight…


Sure enough,a paralegal must be rooted to the community. Thanks Aman


Another way is by understanding the Law and the land regimes of the specific jurisdiction. A good history of land practises go a long way in assisting the paralegal to forsee challenges that the community may face. Lastly,the paralegal can make use of the various land reports and policies.


Yeah, it is important to not only pass information but ensure that the public is being empowered and that could be directly proportional to the paralegals own legal understanding and exposure. Historical context does tend to weigh in on the target audience and so paralegals may want to consult people in the community as well like elders etc because these sensitivities or lack thereof . and understanding of such contexts directly affect the outcome.

It also never hurts to prepare and say for example do research, there’s a wealth of resources online and even more relevant in the network. Keeping close contact including other platforms like whatsapp groups would keep actors appraised of proceedings.


Great, there also a guide on how to conduct a community legal needs assessment… It is very essential to discuss with the community to understand what their legal needs are. This helps you identify the gaps and areas of capacity That done, you work with the community through community education focusing on a specific topic at a time .Topics that are related to their legal problems. Tell them about the problem relating it to rights and laws associated with them. Also speak about actions and steps that should be taken in responding to such problems then tell them the about your supportive role as a paralegal.

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i totally agree with the fact that familiarization about the entire community is a must

See also Namati’s guide on strong community facilitation skills - humility, excellent listening, co-designing with community members what they will do to protect their lands - and so much more - are key to supporting community land protection. Facilitating community meetings well is an art. :slight_smile:



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Established to raise comprehensive voice by Landless people or community or who are living in public/government land for ensuring their land rights based on Government or state land rights laws or policy instruments. Able to create convergent with Land administration for ensuring accountability, transparency, establish people center land governance (PCLG), reduce corruption and bureaucracy and also able to regulatory movement on land grabbing by illegal land grabbers (who are lead or hold political power/muscle man in society). Able to protect human rights/ land rights defenders.