How can bright student from poor background get scholarship to pursue their dreams?

Hi Derick!

Thank you for reaching out by email to the Global Legal Empowerment Network. Here is what you wrote:

How can Namati help to support a bright student from a poor background or the less privileged to get scholarship in order to pursue their dreams?

I’m glad to get to know you and that you are striving to pursue your academic career. Namati does not directly provide scholarships, however you can participate in our global community and grow your knowledge and skills that way while developing a reputation here as a contributing member.

How far along are you in your studies? What are you interested in studying? There are scholarship opportunities we share via the forum which you can explore. Here’s a great place to start.

I completed my high school in 2012 but my parents were unable to raise college fees for me, I am interested in studying international relations.

Great! Congratulations on completing your high school. What have you tried so far to further your education in Nairobi? It would probably be best for you to look for a certificate program in Kenya, e.g. at the British Council or Goethe Institute or some such, while also working in any kind of position at an international organization so you can build your experience. From there you can then leapfrog to a degree program.

While you are looking, you can participate in communities such as this one to build up your online reputation and knowledge. Just look for ways you can make yourself useful and plunge in.

I know it’s not easy and you’ve probably heard all this advice before, and that there is plenty of competition in Nairobi for positions. Be diligent and perservere! You will succeed.