How can I share my experience about Community base Paralegal service?

In Bangladesh I lead community base paralegal program. Is there any opportunity to share my knowledge or to introduce with other country’s paralegal program.


Yes you need to share so that those you doesn’t know should know

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My colleague @ThinThinHtet can help to advise you on this. And I am happy to extend an invitation to you for a virtual exchange on paralegalism - but mostly focused on West Africa.


Great Aminee, hope we can virtually exchange our experience or views on paralegalism as well as development. Thank you.


Hi Md. Ashiquzzaman, we are very happy to welcome you to the network and very excited to share our future invitation for South Asia virtual discussion session with you. Will keep you updated on this! Also, stay connected through announcement in our mailer or the forum.

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I am eagerly waiting for your virtual discussion session and thank you to took me as your concerned.


I will love to discuss more with you too

Hi, If you are available, maybe you can attend this discussion ?



Please and thank you.

Sorry I missed it. Can you give me a another way to connect with you?

Hi Md. Ashiguzzaman please connect me as well. Extend the virtual programme request even to Southern Africa. Thank you

hi can you connect me in the discussion.