How can we increase our impact toward justice for all

We love training/workshop and we love to increase our impact to ensure justice to all. In order to increase our impact, we have to share with those we possess common interest after attending seminar/workshop.

After the Citizenship Rights Learning Exchange at Nairobi, I shared what we learned with 50 paralegals in Tanzania. (you can see they are enjoying the lessons, I received uncountable thanks) as the way to increase the impact.

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Second: To increase our army/manpower. Once we train other by recruiting other we increase our family who will work toward justice for all, etc. WHAT other methods/techniques/approach could be used to increase our impact?


Congratulations for applying the knowledge you got, that is the best way to bring change to our society. A little you have it is better to share with others


That was great of you. Hopefully you requested the 50 to replicate and step down for multiplying effect. However, have you also thought of exploring the use of sociial media platforms including blogs to transfer knowledge? The more people the message gets to, the better for all.

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Yes Dennis, we have a facebook page and a website where we share and educate others who can access social media