How do we deal with rape cases when perpetrator is close family member or community member?

Advocacy in Liberia is challenging. However, the paralegals are trying their best. A challenge that we face in the field is (the citizens and the police) a rape. The perpetrator will always be either the close family member or the community member. In this case the victim’s parent will first report the issue to paralegal and that of the police. The police will first arrest the man and have him detained. Later the victim parent will go back to the police and compromise it without informing the paralegal. Then, the chiefs and the communities people, the chief will always charged for bond, while the paralegals are there creating on Bail bond that only the courts can charge for bond. Those chiefs will act as if you did not do your community entry. What steps can we take to tackle these challenges?

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Hi Kou! Thanks again for raising an important question. I moved your post here to its own topic in the #gender category where people working in this area will find it.

I take it you are asking for very practical, hands on advice in this topic - especially when there is an ongoing case that seems to be getting out of hand and people involved are forgetting the needs and rights of the rape victim. Hopefully your fellow members will be able to provide useful information based on their experiences. (I’m talking to you, @exchange_2016tanzania participants! Have any actionable advice for Kou?)

In your other topic recently about domestic violence, @michaelotto talks about the How to Develop a Paralegal Program Resource Guide and shared a list of other resources. Please take a look at those and let us know here if you find hands-on tips there that help you.


I have learned so many idea from my first post that I am going to put it in practice. All the comments raised by u Guy’s is great! but I have another question,that have to do with victims of domestic violence and rape can we provide a separate training for them?

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Why medical reports of rape victims are important?