How people in rural Nepal are already using the global goals

This film by Network member LANCAU in the Far West of Nepal illustrates how villagers are already making the connection between justice and their need for basic services.


are LANCAU on discourse yet @paulmccann - I would love to tell them how much I LOVE this video. I strongly encourage everyone to watch it!

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Hi Stacey! I see that @PrabhakarBagchand posted the video, but Prabhakar has not logged into our new platform yet. Can you please send him an invitation to come back?

@paulmccann I am impressed by the video. Its good to share the victory with the grassroots members who played a big role in campaigning for the goal 16. This is one of the challanges we are combating in terms of how to share the findings of the data collection with the community. I love the LANCAU approach.

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